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Life by the Square Foot

   |   In Contemporary Design Techniques, Decorating Tips and Tricks, Kids' Rooms   |   28 July 2014, 06.00   |   comments: 0

No longer is luxury living defined merely by the amount of space involved; it’s not only trendy but practical to live within a smaller number of square feet. But just because you choose to downsize to a small space doesn’t mean you must sacrifice functionality and beauty. Here are just a few ways Clei furniture can transform a limited area into a masterpiece of ingenious design.

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How to Maximize Your Space with Color and Patterns

   |   In Decorating Tips and Tricks   |   9 September 2013, 21.13   |   comments: 0

When you have a limited amount of space to work with, it might seem that the best way to treat it is with a monochromatic color scheme or color and pattern details that are neutral instead of bold. When done right, that can look quite dramatic and sophisticated, but many times it just looks, well, boring (especially if not done right)! Bold or saturated color can be just what a small room needs. Here are our tips for decorating your small space using exciting color and patterns.

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Tips for Decorating a Weekend Beach Retreat

   |   In Decorating Tips and Tricks   |   15 August 2013, 21.35   |   comments: 0

How do you decorate a second home that includes sweeping ocean views and a backyard of driftwood and sand? This is a common dilemma for clients who wish to keep their surroundings true to nature, yet not go overboard with sea-themed décor. Here are our suggestions for creating a second home that is rich with contemporary furnishings to feel inviting, comfortable and perfect for entertaining guests.

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How to Maximize Your Space with the Right Proportions

   |   In Blogs for Furniture Selection & Care, Decorating Tips and Tricks   |   15 July 2013, 05.21   |   comments: 0

Have you ever walked into a room that was full of beautiful furnishings but something about it just didn’t seem right? The problem could be proportion. In particular, small rooms often suffer from design problems because the proportion of furnishings in relation to the room itself isn’t correct.

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