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Lighting is Key, Layer it! A quick guide to lighting your home.

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Lighting is the foundation for great design. This is a sentiment near and dear to my heart! As a certified lighting designer, I know that lighting is one of the most important elements in any room, but it’s also frequently overlooked. The right lighting can make you feel relaxed or help you to be more productive.

When thinking about designing your lighting for your space, try to create a flexible scheme that can take you from dawn to dusk.

To make sure your home’s lighting works for you, first consider how you’re going to use each room. The best lighting designs have multiple layers of light that can be used together or separately, to create different moods. Typically, lighting design is separated into three main categories: ambient, task, and accent. When used properly, it can make you the hit of the party!

1-Ambient lighting (General lighting)

Ambient lighting is the foundation of your lighting.  It starts with, for example, recessed lighting or ceiling lights that illuminate the room from overhead. Examples of Ambient lighting are chandeliers, pendant lights, track lighting or wall sconces. These are the lights that wash the whole room in a glow that allows you to move through your space with ease. While this lighting is essential to your comfort in your home, this lighting is not suitable for tasks that require detail work.

Tips of the trade: If your room does not allow for an overhead light, you can add a torchiere lamp to create a similar effect. Most rooms without an overhead light will have an upside-down outlet which, upon entering a room, indicates it is controlled by a switch.


2-Task lighting

Task lighting is arguably the most important lighting you can put into your home. This is the lighting you need when you have to do detail work or focus for long hours. This is a smaller and more concentrated light. Task lighting would be, for example, a desk or table lamp, swing arm lamps, and or bathroom vanity lights. Detail lighting allows you to do paperwork or sew on a button.

Another key area for Task lighting is in the kitchen. Undercabinet lighting is a great way to not strain your eyes while reading a cookbook or washing the dishes. This lighting is the most important because it protects your eyesight for the years to come. Did you know that at age forty, you need twice as much light as you did when you were twenty, and doubles again by age 60? Good lighting can make all the difference between seeing and not seeing, now and in the future to come.


3- Accent lighting (Decorative lighting)

Accent lighting is where you can have a bit of fun!  This is a place to show your personality or the flare of the architecture in your home. This is a very specific light with the intention of drawing the eye to one area. Accent lighting is a way of adding high style and drama to your home. The perfect use for accent lighting is to wash a wall, artwork, bookcase displays, pieces of furniture, collections, and architectural details of your home. Accent lighting is one of the types of lighting that creates dimension and drama.

Tips of the trade: Use dimmers whenever possible. This allows you to change the mood of your lighting to match your activities.


By combining and layering all these lighting types, your home will be more attractive, exciting, and inviting!

Lawrance is excited to share these and many more design ideas with you, our extended family. We believe everyone deserves to be comfortable in style. If you need a partner or guide in this endeavor, please call or visit one of our two locations in San Diego. We have a talented team of design experts ready and waiting to help you Love The Home You Live In!

Lexi Sadler is a well respected interior designer, with 12 years of experience. Her focus has always been on creating a space that her clients will love for years to come. She believes everyone works hard and deserves to come home to their own personalized sanctuary. With her knowledge and unique sense of style, she remains an invaluable asset to her clients, both new and old.

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The Quiller collection designed by Uto Balmoral

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The Quiller collection designed by Uto Balmoral consists of five elements: a bookcase, a console, a mirror, a low-table and a side-table. All furnishings are made of high thickness glass slabs processed with the chamfering technique, which rounds off the corners through a tilted cut. A further detail -typical of Tonelli design tradition- is represented by the hand-bonding of glass, strongly emphasized in this collection to remember the history and the craftsmanship of the company.

toneli5   toneli3

The Quiller collection stand out for its lightness and versatility: the products are designed for both residential and work environments and could be personalized for the customer needs. For example, both the console and the side-table may be complemented with a tray in solid walnut canaletto wood or mat white MDF, the bookcase can be used against a wall or also freestanding and the low-table is available in square or rectangular shape.

toneli 1   toneli2

Tonelli design has been designing and manufacturing glass furniture for 25 years and its manual bonding technique has become its distinctive feature. Tonelli has continued to experiment whilst remaining faithful to its origins, resulting in a perfect balance between shape and technique. The in-house glass factory and state of the art machinery have allowed the company to achieve an optimal production capacity, both in terms of turnaround time and of the quality of tailor-made products.

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Interior Design Tips: Working with Patterns

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Many homeowners shy away from using furnishings with a distinct pattern. Usually, the reason is just that they either don’t know how to pick a pattern they can live with for a long time, or they don’t want a few furnishings to overwhelm the room. But, used in the proper way, patterns can make a big and beautiful impact.

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Focus on Wood Furnishings

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A design trend predicted to be big in 2018 is the combination of white or pale rooms and furnishings combined with the warmth of real wood accents. Here in San Diego, that’s not really new, but as interest peaks across the country for this style, it’s bound to be reflected in the furniture you’ll see in our showrooms. Here’s a short primer on how to select wood furnishings and incorporate them in your contemporary home or office.

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Changing Your Décor When Your Tastes Change

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As the New Year approaches, many of us are ready to get rid of the old and bring in the new. It’s time to put away those holiday decorations for another year and go back to simplifying our interior design schemes. This also makes it the perfect time to redo the look in your home or office so that it better represents your current sense of style. Use these tips to create a space that reflects the new you!

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