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Il Loft – Italian designs that will amaze you.

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The world as a whole is the marketplace addressed by Il Loft, the company that Giorgio Saporiti created in 1994 after decades spent working as co-owner and Art Director of Saporiti Italia and after 15 years of collaborations with Ottavio Missoni in the development of stages for catwalks and textile-related products such as carpets and tapestries.

The success that this brand has been able to enjoy stems directly from the guarantee of quality that it is able to provide to its audience through the design, development and production of tailored and rigorously made in Italy solutions.
All furniture, complements and decors by Il Loft are first born into Giorgio Saporiti’s creative mind and are developed and produced in his Gallarate factory, West of Milan. Here, a team of specialized craftsmen works wood, steel, plastics. Here, skilled fabric experts weave, color, couple fabrics and cover the polyurethane or Dacron padded seats. And it is again here that, after the Maestro has completed the design phase, teams of engineers and interior designers leave heading for the States, Russia, the Middle East and the many locations in Europe in which enlightened customers have requested that very particular living concept – Il Loft branded – that has made the company well known around the world.

The real passion and love for color that has always characterized Giorgio Saporiti’s work, together with the essential lines of his design and with the guarantee of a 100% Made in Italy craft-based production make Il Loft the perfect herald of Italian design around the world.

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Clei Wall Beds are Perfect for Students

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Do you have a student at home – or one who is going to away to college in the next month or so? You can ensure they have everything they need, in addition to the study tools, food, clothing and other necessities – by incorporating an ingeniously designed Clei wall bed system in their bedroom or dorm room.

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The Iconic Designs of Milo Baughman

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Chances are you’ve seen a Milo Baughman-designed piece perhaps without even knowing it. After all, many of his mid-century modern furnishings are considered iconic of the movement and have been featured in a variety of famous settings. A circular sofa, a metal-framed leather scoop chair, a drum table – all of these 1950s – 1970s furnishings are representative of elegant Baughman style and likely to be seen on the set of Mad Men, in the homes of celebrities and gracing an upscale corporate office.

Not only are his designs iconic, they are also enduring. Baughman himself admitted toward the end of his life, “With an ongoing interest in 1950s and 1960s design, a lot of my work has been reintroduced and been very well-received. Increasingly, architects are using these mid-century classics from the pioneer producers of this period.”

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Defining the Contemporary Style in Interior Design

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At Lawrance, we like to call ourselves a “contemporary” furniture store. Just what, exactly, does that mean? Is “modern” the same as contemporary? It may seem as if the difference is purely semantic, but there is actually a distinct modern style as opposed to contemporary. Here’s our take on what the term “contemporary style” means.

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