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Clei Wall Beds are Perfect for Students

   |   In Decorating Tips and Tricks, Designer Spotlight, Kids' Rooms   |   14 July 2014, 06.00   |   comments: 0

Do you have a student at home – or one who is going to away to college in the next month or so? You can ensure they have everything they need, in addition to the study tools, food, clothing and other necessities – by incorporating an ingeniously designed Clei wall bed system in their bedroom or dorm room.

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Interior Design Tips: Working with Patterns

   |   In Contemporary Design Techniques, Decorating Tips and Tricks, Interior Design Trends   |   20 February 2014, 06.00   |   comments: 0

Many homeowners shy away from using furnishings with a distinct pattern. Usually, the reason is just that they either don’t know how to pick a pattern they can live with for a long time, or they don’t want a few furnishings to overwhelm the room. But, used in the proper way, patterns can make a big and beautiful impact.

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Using Books in Your Decorating Scheme

   |   In Decorating Tips and Tricks   |   8 February 2014, 06.00   |   comments: 0

While you may rely more on eBooks and digital newspapers than printed pieces, that doesn’t mean you can’t use those printed volumes as a design element in your home. And while you’re at it, why not spruce up that reading room or nook?

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A Modern Take on the Traditional Home Library

   |   In Contemporary Design Techniques, Decorating Tips and Tricks   |   5 February 2014, 06.00   |   comments: 0

With our reliance on modern technology, a home library may seem like an interior design element that is a thing of the past. That doesn’t mean you can’t create a cozy nook that invites a reader to curl up and enjoy a space dedicated to reading Luckily, a modern library is easy to incorporate into a contemporary living space.

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Tips for Creating a Home Bar

   |   In Decorating Tips and Tricks   |   15 January 2014, 06.00   |   comments: 0

There’s nothing quite as luxurious and comfortable as walking in your front door after a long, hard day at work and seeing a lovely wet bar waiting to dispense your favorite adult beverage. Especially for lovers of mid-century modern design, a bar is an integral part of your decorating scheme, conjuring up images of sleek silver shakers, beautiful crystal stemware and an ice bucket to get just the right temperature for your dry martini, shaken, not stirred.

Today, it’s easier than ever to recreate the romance and sophistication of your own home bar. Read through our tips to design one that fits perfectly with your personality and within the design scheme of your home.

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