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Bring The Outdoors In

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Bring The Outdoors In

By Lexi Sadler

Inspiration can come from anywhere.  It can be found in something as small as a flower and as large as an ocean.  You can expand your space by looking outdoors and bringing those elements into your home.  It’s always a good idea to take inspiration from your surroundings.  The Earth is naturally decorated with color palettes that you can incorporate by just looking out the window.  Let nature play a part in your home!

I really love the beach but I never seem to be able to go as much as I’d like to.   And I don’t think I’m alone wishing I had more time to spend enjoying the best of what San Diego has to offer.  But you can!  You can make the beach an everyday part of your life by incorporating it into your interior design.  Start by finding your inspiration.  Then it is just as simple as pulling rich color tones out to lay the foundation for the rest of your interior space.  For example, I chose five different paint colors that I pulled directly from this gorgeous beach scene shown below.  Once you have a “color story”, it’ll be more convenient to go out shopping with colors in hand to make sure that everything is cohesive in your interior design.

Below are a few of my favorite ways to use nature to inspire design:

  1. Mirrors are a great way to reflect back things that are beautiful. You can place them opposite windows or artwork to expand on your inspiration. Mirrors are wonderful for a small space because they can add much needed light and make your space feel more open. Whether choosing a wonderful framed mirror, floor length mirror, or a mirrored wall, you will be giving your interior a brightness and sparkle you will be sure to enjoy!


flowers decor 2. Include plants and flowers in your decor to give a touch of life to any area of your home.  Incorporate live or faux plants to give your interior a sense of nature and freshness.  It gives you a feeling of a lush oasis when you are surrounded by plants.


fabrics and patterns 3. Layering different fabrics and patterns adds dimension and creates texture. Using them together can really show off your personal style. Why not try mixing a couple different patterns together?  An easy way to do that is by picking coordinating colors while using various pattern sizes.
    1. 4. Utilize organic materials such as stone, soft leathers, and rich woods to enhance a sense of earthiness in your home.  In interior design, it creates a soothing environment when you have natural material in your space.  It exudes a natural luxury that will last for years!
chair accent table living room sectional


pillow 5. Use accents like art, rugs, and pillows to spread colors throughout your space. In interior design, it is smart to spread color from one side of the room to the next.  This creates a color balance and consistency. Color balancing is really important because it tells the story and helps your eye move seamlessly around the room.  Some of the best ways to do that is through accessorizing.

When you touch on nature as your inspiration, the possibilities are endless…


Lawrance is excited to share these and many more design ideas with you, our extended family. We believe everyone deserves to be comfortable in style.  If you need a partner or guide in this endeavor, please call or visit one of our two locations in San Diego.  We have a talented team of design experts ready and waiting to help you  Love The Home You Live In!


lexi Lexi Sadler is a well respected interior designer, with 11 years of experience under her belt.  Her focus has always been on creating a space that her clients will love for years to come.  She believes everyone works hard and deserves to come home to their own personalized sanctuary.  With her experience and unique sense of style, she remains an invaluable asset to her clients, both new and old.

Southern location address:

633 University Ave.

San Diego, CA 92103

Northern location address:

117 North El Camino Real

Encinitas, CA  


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