Using Books in Your Decorating Scheme

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While you may rely more on eBooks and digital newspapers than printed pieces, that doesn’t mean you can’t use those printed volumes as a design element in your home. And while you’re at it, why not spruce up that reading room or nook?

Books, Books, Books

If you are a bibliophile, chances are you’ve acquired quite a few books over the years. Take a good look at your collection. While a physical volume might be considered outdated as reading material, there are certainly many books to which you are emotionally attached. Those items don’t need to take up space on a bookshelf; today many designers use them as part of the décor.

A horizontal stack of books looks great on a side table or counter and provides the perfect platform for a piece of art. You can choose whether they are displayed with the spines facing outward – or inward. Pay attention to color and size to get the right effect; try turning the books and stacking odd sizes.


As for bookshelves, you can incorporate as many, or as few, as necessary. In a modern interior, a series of three or four floating shelves looks right at home, like these Billy Wenge shelves in a beautiful, dark finish. Then again, there’s nothing wrong with the more traditional floor-to-ceiling shelves, which make a grand statement when graced with a rolling ladder for ease of access. If space is at a premium, you might want to choose a piece of furniture that includes storage space as well as shelving for books.

And speaking of shelving books, don’t simply stack your collection in a neat row. Try interspersing books with pieces of art or a collection of glassware. Artworks on the walls help make the area feel serene, creative or edgy – whatever your preference.

Yes, there is still a place for printed books and other reading materials in the modern home.

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