Tips for Melding Two Different Styles

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December is a popular month for engagements, giving some lucky couples even more to celebrate during the holiday season. If you will be joining lives with your significant other soon, congratulations! But you might need to consider how you will combine your two homes. No matter how much you love your partner, if he or she has a very different sense of style, it could be difficult to create an interior space you will both enjoy. It’s not impossible, but do take into account these tips for making the transition easier.

Giving Up Possessions

One of the most challenging aspects of moving in together is figuring out where each partner is going to put his or her belongings. Before the merge occurs, each of you should take the time to go through all those boxes and crates and storage bins stuffed around the house and keep only those things that are near and dear, functional or necessary. For duplicate items, such as appliances, keep the newest one. The fewer things you have to merge, the easier the process becomes, so if you don’t love it or need it, get rid of it (sell, donate or toss)! Remember, you can buy new things that both of you love to replace them.

Compromising with Your Partner

Still, there are going to be some possessions that are difficult, if not impossible, to release. It’s more than just a cliché – some people really do have an old recliner that is held together by duct tape and drywall screws but they refuse to give it up because it’s just too comfortable. In this case, you may have to compromise – or you could try the old bait and switch technique. Shop for a new one that is sure to be just as comfy but both of you will be proud to have in your living room. Even better is a pair like these Devon motorized recliners that allow you and your honey to get close – and comfortable.

If the two of you have diverse styles – maybe he likes antiques while you love contemporary – compromise is also the key to living in harmony. These interior design blog posts explain in greater detail how to meld the old with the new and create a space that looks great with both styles incorporated.

Start with a Floor Plan

Planning isn’t necessarily romantic, but it is a great way to agree on what will go where before an argument breaks out on moving day. There are plenty of apps available that allow you to sketch out a floor plan. We’ve also got an online Room Planner here on our site or you could visit one of our showrooms and ask me, or another designer, to do the planning for you.

No matter what method you use to come up with a game plan, it allows you to visualize how much space you’ve got available and what existing furnishings will fit in it. This is the time to decide what pieces you’d both like to replace and what new pieces are necessary to purchase. That way, they can be delivered when you’re ready and be part of your newly combined home right away.

Holiday engagements are so romantic! Make sure your new life together starts out right by making plans now to combine your belongings and furnishings.

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