Tips for Turning Your Outdoor Space into an Entertaining Place

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It’s that time of year again – time to move the indoors out to make the most of San Diego’s mild fall season. And it’s easy to do with our Contemporary Design Collection of outdoor furniture, which includes the type of furnishings you might see in the most upscale hotels and resorts while on vacation. With these tips for decorating your patio or deck, you can enjoy a staycation in your own backyard while entertaining family and friends sure to be impressed with your sophisticated sense of style.

San Diego’s beautiful fall weather is just around the corner – are you ready to take advantage of it by entertaining on your resort-worthy deck or patio?

Furnishing Your Outdoor “Room”

It’s much easier to decorate your outdoor space if you treat it as another room of your home. It deserves the same attention to detail and interesting focal points as any other room. That means devising a color scheme, developing seating and entertaining areas and even including artwork and accessories. It could even involve adding drapes or blinds in strategic spots to cut down on the glare of the rising or setting sun.

What about outdoor furniture? For a casual contemporary, yet sophisticated look, opt for simple lines and curved shapes in neutral hues with bright splashes of color. Sturdy, yet elegant, fabrics will stay beautiful for a long time and hold up well to the sea-tinged spray of ocean water from your backyard. Think about how you use the space in order to furnish your patio or deck with the appropriate pieces. Sofas, chaise lounges, ottomans, occasional tables, coffee tables and freestanding light fixtures are all nice additions to turn your deck into a true “living” room.

Getting Your Outdoor Room Ready for Entertaining

What type of entertaining do you do? Whether you prefer large parties or more intimate get-togethers, your outdoor furnishings need to accommodate them comfortably.

When your event includes a large group of guests, you may want to stow some of the furniture to leave more room for mingling. Clear away plants and other accessories to create unobstructed pathways and ensure there is proper lighting to prevent trips and falls.

Food and beverages for the outdoor party require some forethought, as well. Finger foods that can easily be eaten while standing are best. A good host will also provide party plates with built-in stemware holders for ease of use while eating, rather than requiring guests to juggle food and beverage. Be sure to scatter an adequate number of cocktail tables around the area, too, so your company has somewhere to set their dishes and belongings.

For smaller gatherings, a wide array of outdoors sofas and chairs are a must. This allows for intimate seating arrangements where guests can easily converse with each other. Coffee tables and fire pits help keep your guests comfortable. Wireless outdoor speakers artfully arranged can provide a lulling backdrop of music without overwhelming conversations. Illumination should be subtle and romantic, such as pathway lights or candles.

Still don’t know how to decorate your outdoor space? Come in to either of our showrooms and speak with one of our designers, who can point you to the right pieces from our outdoor Contemporary Design Collection for your needs.

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