Tips for Bringing Autumn From the Outdoors In

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There’s something about autumn that seems to speak to many of us. Whether it’s the crisply cool nights, the prospect of watching football games or the scent of baked apple goodies, the fall season heralds the end of the year and the upcoming holiday season – traditionally nostalgic times. If you are known to wax eloquent about everything autumn, then there’s no reason you can’t bring the season indoors all year long. Here are our tips for doing just that, using a combination of materials and colors.

The Look of Nature

Perhaps more than anything else, fall is characterized by things found out of doors: jolly orange pumpkins, leaves splashed with red and gold, bales of straw, a late sun-dappled forest trail, whimsical scarecrows in a field, smoke rising from a chimney. The key to decorating with an autumn theme is bringing those key elements indoors – not in an overt way, but in subtle little touches.

Let’s start with the floor and work our way up, shall we? In keeping with an organic motif, wood or slate flooring is the perfect base. These neutral materials allow you to build on a fall-inspired theme while providing a very durable and  beautiful floor in any room of your home. For the San Diego area, wood planks the color of driftwood or large stone tiles in a blue-gray shade are ideal.

Furnishings that exemplify an organic theme work well. Like this very cool Sequoia coffee table with a chrome metal base, made in Italy.

Keep things open and airy. Rather than covering windows, let the view be the only embellishment necessary. This is a great way to truly mesh the outdoors with the interior of your home.

Hues of Autumn

Perhaps the easiest way to incorporate the fall season in your home is with the use of color – and it’s the easiest thing to change. Think rich gold, deep amber, bright persimmon and apple green in addition to the more traditional hues of rust and pumpkin. While you could choose to repaint the walls in any of these autumn-inspired colors, don’t forget you can incorporate them more subtly in furnishings and accessories.

Here’s a beautiful chair that uses walnut accents on a topaz metallic frame – it doesn’t scream “fall”, but the tones pair great with deeper, autumnal hues. Various types and shades of wood do a great job of mimicking the variety of flora in nature. Then again, pops of strong color provided by furnishings such as this aptly-named Foliage chair or sofa from Kartell, look both modern and fall cozy at the same time.

Does your home have a lot of architectural distinction throughout the ceilings? Draw the eye upward by using rich toned light fixtures, such as a swag lamp in red or orange.

Touches of green, when combined with natural flooring, make your home reminiscent of a stand of trees or lush forest foliage. If you have a black thumb, don’t despair. It doesn’t require real plants to create the illusion of nature brought indoors. An arrangement of whimsical green kelp  does the job nicely while a screen with a vine motif provides a subtle nod to greenery.

Or reverse the obvious color combination by using rich green vases to house simple arrangements of dried flowers in spicy hues.

If you love autumn, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy reminders of the season all year long. Use a light touch and think organic in order to bring the look of fall indoors.


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