The New Green Furniture: Repurposed Materials

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“Green” furniture, or those pieces made in an eco-friendly manner, have long been a popular choice, especially for contemporary styles. But today’s manufacturers take the green concept a step further by using a unique variety of recycled materials. This is a resourceful way to produce beautiful designs that repurpose and utilize existing materials that might otherwise end up in the landfill. Here we spotlight three of our most popular manufacturers to provide inspiration for your organically designed home or office.


Copeland, based in Vermont, is one of our favorite suppliers because they have a knack for coaxing beautiful design from sustainably harvested hardwoods located within 500 miles of their factory. This reduces fossil fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions that result from shipping in wood from further away. In addition, the majority of wood used comes from Forest Stewardship Council-certified woodlots and sawmills.

That’s a great start, but Copeland’s beautiful wood furnishings are also made from up to 25 percent non-wood products gleaned from recycled or bio-based materials. In addition, the waste products from manufacturing the company’s wood furniture are used to fuel the heating system, which runs nearly non-stop during Vermont’s extremely cold winters.

It’s hard to go wrong with a piece from our collection of Copeland furniture. The styles are classic, the quality exceptional, the wood finely grained. The fact that this company takes eco-friendly measures to the extreme makes it the best green choice for your home.


When you want a piece of contemporary furniture that is truly one-of-a-kind and made from recycled materials, Urbia Imports is the manufacturer of choice. Their collections of tables, buffets, consoles and accessories are all made from reclaimed and repurposed hardwoods, resources grown on sustainable plantations and materials from old buildings slated for demolition. Some of them are even vintage pieces that have been restored and now fit nicely into any contemporary design scheme. Many of them utilize wood in its natural form, making for very distinctive accents in an eclectic home or office. Lawrance is proud to be the only San Diego area retailer of beautiful Urbia Import designs.


Oios is unique in that this company specializes in the manufacture of furnishings that use 98 percent recycled metals. Every piece is custom made from repurposed metals to suit your home or office style perfectly. In addition to furniture, the company also produces counter tops, wall veneers, fire pits, conference tables, accessories and nearly anything you can dream up that is designed from metal! Just like the wooden furnishings provided by Urbia, each Oios piece is one-of-a-kind. The metal surfaces are scratch resistant due to a baked-on polymer coating that make this furniture perfect for busy offices or homes with young children.

At Lawrance, we believe in providing options for your home or office that not only look beautiful, they are eco-friendly due to the use of repurposed materials. All of the pieces from these manufacturers are wonderful additions to this year’s trend of organic design and enhance your living or work space with a unique, green slant on high quality furnishings.

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