Stressless by Ekornes Is the Ultimate in Comfort

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Your home is made for relaxing – or at least it should be! And what’s more relaxing than a luxuriously comfortable home theater seat, sofa or Stressless recliner to cozy up with a good book or enjoy your favorite TV program? If your current seating arrangement doesn’t include a chair or sofa with support so superior it’s endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association (like Stressless® is), then now is the perfect time to get one or more!

Why Choose Stressless®?

Ekornes has done a flawless job of combining superior comfort, support and resilience with beautiful contemporary style – a perfect match of form with function.

There are no other chairs or sofas made quite the same as those bearing the name Stressless®. Produced exclusively by Norwegian furniture company Ekornes, these pieces are made using a patented sliding mechanism with friction sliders that allows them to automatically adjust to your body weight. You control the setting with a knob, then use your own body weight to adjust even further. Comfort Zones in the seats and backs let your body sink deeper into supportive comfort. The headrest also moves automatically into the perfect position to cradle your head and neck while sitting upright, reclined or sleeping.

Stressless® is billed as the “most comfortable line of furniture in existence.” Don’t believe their claim? The only way to truly believe is to come in and test it out for yourself. Be forewarned: once you sit in a Stressless® recliner or sofa, you won’t be in any hurry to get up so plan on staying a while!

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