San Diego-Inspired Interior Design

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Living in beautiful southern California makes us the envy of many others throughout the country. After all, we enjoy abundant sunshine, a temperate climate and ocean views sure to inspire. Why not take advantage of your awesome surroundings by bringing a bit of the outdoors in? Here are some interior design ideas using the San Diego area as a source of inspiration.

Organic Elements

Even if you live in the heart of the city, don’t forget that you are surrounded by a vibrant blue ocean, weathered driftwood, water-polished rocks and a large abundance of greenery. These elements provide the perfect basis for bringing the area into your home.

For instance, this petrified wood accent table combines the richness of weathered wood with sleek chrome legs, bringing together two elements that could easily be imagined outside your front door. Another great table choice is this Sequoia coffee table. With its free-form wood top raised above a chrome disk platform, it brings to mind a calm ocean and a polished piece of driftwood.  Sandwich either of these tables between a pair of ocean blue recliners and you’ve got an effortlessly natural look that mimics your beautiful surroundings. In the dining room, a Circles dining table mixes elements reminiscent of brilliant space grounded in the green and blue colors of Earth.

Natural Colors

You don’t necessarily need to match the hues you see from a window in order to incorporate an organic interior design scheme. Colors change based on the presence of sunlight, time of day and season, so really the sky is the limit when selecting natural shades.

The soft greens and grays combined with white in this outdoor wicker lounging settee are reminiscent of a cloudy day and mossy green ocean plants without being too obvious. The maple and walnut wood finishes on this gorgeous bedroom dresser showcase the dramatic contrast between a bright sky and stormy seas. But even this orange-upholstered sofa with its colorful pillows looks organic because it reminds one of a brilliant sunset over the ocean.

Organic Shapes

In addition to bringing in natural elements and colors, don’t forget how evocative certain shapes can be.

This Laguna bedroom dresser, with its stacked drawers available in a variety of fabric coverings, is reminiscent of a waterfall – or a rock wall surrounding a pathway to the beach. Don’t the unusually-shaped twin glass tops on this cocktail table remind you of lily pads or clouds? This quirky contemporary dining chair, available in several different forms, appears floral in shape. Then again, a tall stool formed by stacked wooden squares can easily resemble a pile of driftwood on the beach.

When you wish to bring the organic designs of the outdoors in and do it with contemporary style, we’ve got the unique furnishings in the right colors and shapes to do it easily!

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