How to Choose the Perfect Contemporary Sofa

Gail Sakundiak   |   In Blogs for Furniture Selection & Care, Living Room Design   |   9 September 2013, 21.44   |   comments: 0

All sofas are NOT created equal. There are a vast number of differences in design, quality, materials, upholstery and style. Even when just considering contemporary sofas, there are many factors involved in finding the one that is perfect for your space. Here is our guide to make the selection process easier.

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How to Maximize Your Space with Color and Patterns

Ben Conte   |   In Decorating Tips and Tricks   |   9 September 2013, 21.13   |   comments: 0

When you have a limited amount of space to work with, it might seem that the best way to treat it is with a monochromatic color scheme or color and pattern details that are neutral instead of bold. When done right, that can look quite dramatic and sophisticated, but many times it just looks, well, boring (especially if not done right)! Bold or saturated color can be just what a small room needs. Here are our tips for decorating your small space using exciting color and patterns.

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50 Shades of Gray In Your Home

Brandie Fountain   |   In Contemporary Design Techniques, Decorating Tips and Tricks, Interior Design Trends   |   6 September 2013, 21.13   |   comments: 0

Have you heard? The hottest color for the remainder of 2013 (which has really been around for several years) is gray. Now, before you dismiss the color as a boring neutral, take into consideration the 50 or so shades of gray that can be used in various ways throughout your home to give it a modern lift. Here’s our advice for choosing one or two or several shades of gray and incorporating them into the interior design of your home.

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What Kind of Coffee Table Does Your Living Room Need?

Eve Raney   |   In Blogs for Furniture Selection & Care, Living Room Design   |   5 September 2013, 06.00   |   comments: 0

These days, a coffee table can be just about anything. This popular piece of furniture comes in all different shapes and sizes, made from numerous materials and of varying heights. So how can you choose the perfect coffee table for your living area? Here are our tips.

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How to Use Color to Make Your Work Space More Productive

Eve Raney   |   In Decorating Tips and Tricks, Office Design   |   3 September 2013, 21.16   |   comments: 0

Is it time that you renovated your work space? Perhaps the décor is ripe for an upgrade or maybe you just need a change of surroundings to stimulate new ideas. Before you start making plans for your office renovation, think about the various ways that color affects productivity.

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