Tips for Creating the Ultimate Mom Cave

Eve Raney   |   In Contemporary Design Techniques, Office Design   |   30 August 2014, 06.00   |   comments: 0

Who ever said that a room for entertaining, having fun and doing the things you love should only be reserved for men? Yes, a man cave is nice for the male in your household, but don’t forget about the woman of the house. There’s no reason she can’t have her very own space set aside just for the things she loves. In fact, this is a great way for Mom to get the feminine room she would love.

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How to Design a Multi-Purpose Living Room

Esther Goya   |   In Contemporary Design Techniques, Decorating Tips and Tricks, Living Room Design   |   27 August 2014, 06.00   |   comments: 0

Not everyone has a huge amount of living space in their homes. Many times, a living room has to be able to do more than just provide space for TV viewing. But creating an area that looks great while performing a variety of functions can be a bit tricky. Here are our suggestions for multiplying the ways you can use your living room in style!

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San Diego-Inspired Interior Design

Erin Rath   |   In Contemporary Design Techniques, Decorating Tips and Tricks   |   23 August 2014, 06.00   |   comments: 0

Living in beautiful southern California makes us the envy of many others throughout the country. After all, we enjoy abundant sunshine, a temperate climate and ocean views sure to inspire. Why not take advantage of your awesome surroundings by bringing a bit of the outdoors in? Here are some interior design ideas using the San Diego area as a source of inspiration.

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Contemporary Style for the Dorm Room

Cindi Schaefer   |   In Decorating Tips and Tricks, Kids' Rooms, Seasonal Design   |   18 August 2014, 18.01   |   comments: 0

For many families, August means move-in time to a university dorm or apartment. But just because your student will be living in college digs doesn’t mean he or she has to suffer from a lack of quality and style. Here are some tips for designing a beautiful yet functional space perfect for a student who loves contemporary furnishings.

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Life by the Square Foot

Brandie Fountain   |   In Contemporary Design Techniques, Decorating Tips and Tricks, Kids' Rooms   |   28 July 2014, 06.00   |   comments: 0

No longer is luxury living defined merely by the amount of space involved; it’s not only trendy but practical to live within a smaller number of square feet. But just because you choose to downsize to a small space doesn’t mean you must sacrifice functionality and beauty. Here are just a few ways Clei furniture can transform a limited area into a masterpiece of ingenious design.

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