Manufacturer Spotlight on Copeland furniture

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“Copeland Furniture’s furniture manufacture includes a strong commitment to the principles of sustainability, durability and quality construction. This approach is more and more rare in American manufacturing, although the environmental issues of our times beg for more companies to think about the ramifications of how and what they manufacture. Copeland is a leader in demonstrating how a strong value system coupled with quality design and manufacturing can make a positive impact for this generation and those that will follow.” — Professor Rosanne Somerson – Rhode Island School of Design, Furniture Design.


These days, it’s not always enough to simply find beautiful, high quality pieces for your modern home. Many consumers are seeking “green” products that are made in America. To help you do just that, Lawrance is proud to offer finely crafted contemporary furnishings made by Copeland Furniture.

An American Furniture Company

Although Europe is better known for producing modern furniture in the latest styles, Copeland, based in Vermont, is an exception to the rule. This nearly 40-year-old company is unique not only because of its location, but because it is a family-owned business with an emphasis on sustainable manufacturing practices.

Copeland’s small operation has grown considerably over the last several decades – from a garage to a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Bradford, Vermont; from a one-man show to a company that employs close to a hundred. With an attention to detail that results in the finest quality, craftsmen at Copeland combine computer technology and traditional techniques to produce furniture made to last – and look beautiful for – several generations.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Copeland’s concern for the local environment is evidenced throughout the operation. They use lumber harvested from the American Northern Forest and located within 500 miles of their facility, to reduce their carbon footprint. All the wood used in production is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council to be harvested and processed sustainably. Further, most non-wood materials used to make their furniture is recycled or bio-based.

Everything this company does – from the finishes used on their pieces (water-based finishes are available) to packaging that uses recycled materials to using wood waste to heat their facility – is done responsibly and sustainably.

Copeland’s Timeless Design

Lawrance is proud to offer the fine designs of Copeland Furniture, which marry well with contemporary and mid-century modern interiors. Elegant lines and transitional styling influenced by classic Scandinavian, Shaker, Arts & Crafts and Mission elements provide the basis for this furniture of modern simplicity.

The company’s location also provides a strong influence on the aesthetics of their furnishings. All of their furniture is made from the beautiful, natural hardwoods found in the forests of Vermont. As well, the focus on preserving the state’s historical architecture is a major factor in developing designs that are timeless yet transcend locale.

Take a look at the beautiful, quality furnishings made by Copeland featured in our stores. Pieces like the Astrid bed are very reminiscent of Scandinavian design while the tables and credenzas in the Chesapeake collection offer the simple, yet elegant lines exemplified by Shaker furniture. Wouldn’t any of these finely crafted pieces look simply stunning in your San Diego home or office?

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