Manufacturer Spotlight: BDI

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With the Super Bowl only a couple short weeks away, it’s the perfect time to consider upgrading your home viewing system. And along with new audio and video components, you will need the perfect console or entertainment center to store and showcase them. One of the most popular options in our stores is the beautiful, modern pieces manufactured by BDI.

What Makes BDI Different?

“At BDI, our passion is design.”

Let’s face it; you can find a simple work table, console or entertainment center just about anywhere. But if gorgeous design and superior quality are important, then BDI is the manufacturer of choice.

BDI was founded in 1984 by current CEO Bill Becker, whose vision was to make furnishings for the home and office of exceptional contemporary design. That vision was realized in the pieces he designed to be as functional as they are beautiful. The office, home theater and organizational furnishings offered by BDI incorporate some of the best innovations – things like unique cable management, hidden wheels and shelves that adjust to any configuration – in the industry. When you choose BDI furniture for your office or home, you get superior functionality and quality combined with the modern style and all the little details that make their products rise far above the competition.

You will be pleased to learn that BDI is an American company and committed to minimizing their impact on the environment. Their green initiatives include reducing energy usage, recycling materials, using sustainable manufacturing practices and reducing the packaging for their products, incorporating recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible.

BDI Specialty: Home Theater

While the company makes a wide variety of furnishings for the home and office, home theater cabinets and stands are their specialty. Made to fit against a wall, freestanding or in a corner, each is designed to display and protect your audio and video equipment in high style. There are consoles made for stowing all your equipment – from DVD players to satellite boxes and more – with an integrated cable management system so that mess of wires is out of sight. Adjustable shelves and ventilated walls accommodate nearly any size or configuration of components.

BDI designs are meant to coexist beautifully with either contemporary or traditional styles. Featuring wood, glass and steel, their entertainment centers can either conceal all those extra components or leave them openly accessible, depending on your preference.

At Lawrance, we’ve found the Corridor TV console to be one of our best sellers from the BDI line. It is composed of chocolate-stained walnut with louvered doors that allow you to use a remote control to operate devices while keeping them hidden. The black, micro-etched glass top easily accommodates television sets up to 85” wide. A middle section and two side compartments, all with adjustable shelves, provide plenty of space to stow all your A/V equipment and even surround sound speakers. Wouldn’t your new big screen TV look great on a home theater cabinet as stylish as this?

Other Furnishings From BDI

BDI also manufactures a full complement of office furniture, work tables and shelving units. Their modular systems are designed to completely outfit your modern office, whether it’s located at home or an offsite location. All of the pieces incorporate the thoughtful features, innovative functionality and beautiful design for which BDI is best known.

Get ready for the Super Bowl – or your next business meeting – today! Come in to either one of our showrooms and let us show you how easy it is to create a stylish yet functional space using BDI designs.

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