Manufacturer Spotlight: American Leather

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Our customers are some of the most discriminating consumers in the San Diego area. And that’s why we scour the country for furniture manufacturers who not only make quality furnishings right here in America, they offer customized versions to suit your personal style to a tee. American Leather is just such a company and one we are proud to feature in both our San Diego and Encinitas showrooms.

About American Leather

Although American Leather Furniture doesn’t have a long history of furniture manufacturing (the company was founded in 1990), their attention to detail combined with the latest technology means they know how to produce custom, high quality pieces in a relatively short period of time.

Bob Duncan, founder and CEO of American Leather, comes from an engineering management background. That experience helped him to identify the principles used in the Japanese auto industry for just-in-time manufacturing and apply it to the furniture industry. The unique manufacturing process uses “cells” or teams of employees to produce a single, special-order piece. And that’s how the company is able to make the exact furnishings you order from our store within three weeks or less, rather than the months required by other, overseas manufacturers. With shipping time, you can expect your custom piece to arrive in about a month.

The American Leather factory is located in the Dallas area and employs about 400 people. Their focus is on using the latest technology and incorporating the most automated and efficient production processes to deliver furniture that is beautiful enough for the most upscale mansion yet durable enough to survive the torture of family use.

American Leather furnishings are the green choice, too. The company is one of the founders of the Sustainable Furniture Council, whose goal is to promote sustainable practices for furniture manufacturers. The pieces themselves are constructed from wood that comes from sustainable forests, 24 different types of leather deemed friendly to the environment as well as biodegradable and soy-based foam. And because they are made in America, it requires a much small carbon footprint to ship these pieces to our stores.

American Leather Furnishings

Not only is the production process at American Leather different, they are one of the few (if not the only) companies to offer customized pieces in leather, fabric or ultrasuede with each available in dozens of colors for literally hundreds of combinations.

Their contemporary and classic styles are incorporated in a wide variety of sofas, sectionals, chairs, beds and accessories. American Leather’s proprietary Comfort Sleeper™ sofa sleeper brand uses a patented open and close mechanism for effortless use. You get a choice of three different types of high-quality mattresses available in the full gamut of bed sizes. With so many options, furnishings from American Leather are made to fit anywhere – even tight spaces – and fill any need for seating or sleeping in your home or office.

Exceptional style is a trademark of the American Leather brand. Early in the company’s history, its Chief Marketing Officer, Cary R. Benson, hired famous designers Vladimir Kagan and Rick Lee to make their furnishings look just as beautiful as they perform.

Continuous improvement and a focus on using new ideas and styles are what makes American Leather a furniture manufacturer that will be around for decades to come. We invite you to visit either of our showrooms to view the exceptional number of material and color choices that ensure your new piece of furniture is just exactly what you want and need. Style, quality, customization, sustainability – you can have it all when you choose American Leather.

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