Life by the Square Foot

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No longer is luxury living defined merely by the amount of space involved; it’s not only trendy but practical to live within a smaller number of square feet. But just because you choose to downsize to a small space doesn’t mean you must sacrifice functionality and beauty. Here are just a few ways Clei furniture can transform a limited area into a masterpiece of ingenious design.

Living Area

Arguably, the heart of any home is the living area – the place where family and friends gather to watch TV, read a book, eat a snack or play a game. Often this room has to do double or even triple duty, functioning as a dining area, home office or perhaps even a playroom.

What modular pieces are the best choice for your living space? How about a Swing wall bed, that serves as a serious bookshelf and sofa combo during the day while transforming into a comfy bed with just the touch of a finger at night.

For a large, open space such as a loft, the Poppi Theater Wall Bed is ideal. It provides a ton of functional storage space – including a place for your television and other entertainment media – while hiding a bed that pulls out from behind rows of shelving.

Sleeping Space

When you have just a bit of room to accommodate a separate sleeping space, you need all its furnishings to work efficiently in a small footprint. That’s exactly what you get with the Ulisse wall bed, designed to look beautiful as both a wall and a bed that pulls down for sleeping.

The Ito wall bed is similar but features a shelf along the top to showcase trinkets or useful items; it pulls down along with the bed to function as a table along the foot board.

The LGM wall bed even includes a closet to stow all your clothing and accessories! It’s simply amazing how much storage is featured in such a small footprint; you’ve got to see it to believe it!

Kids’ Rooms

How many modern kids can function without a computer and other internet-connected devices? When space is at a premium – or you simply wish to encourage a neat, uncluttered look in the room – one of these Clei modular systems is the perfect solution.

The Altea Book wall bed and Cabrio In wall bed work well together. The first features lots of shelving and storage with a built-in bed; the second functions as the perfect student desk by day and a cozy bed by night. Whether you’ve got more than one child to accommodate in a single room or simply want to provide sleep-over space for friends, these two Clei modular wall bed systems fit the bill in contemporary style.

This is just a sampling of the modern, space-saving solutions from Italian manufacturer Clei and available exclusively in the San Diego area from Lawrence Furniture. Come in and let us help you find the perfect modular system for your home!

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