What Kind of Coffee Table Does Your Living Room Need?

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These days, a coffee table can be just about anything. This popular piece of furniture comes in all different shapes and sizes, made from numerous materials and of varying heights. So how can you choose the perfect coffee table for your living area? Here are our tips.

How Do You Use Your Coffee Table?

Coffee tables do more than just sit in the room and look pretty; they can serve a variety of functions. Some people use them to eat dinner on while others view them as a place to stack mail, magazines and other sundry items. Sometimes they serve as a bookshelf while other times they provide space for office projects or homework.

For homeowners with limited space, a coffee table can serve double duty as storage space. Some designs have lift-up tops to reveal storage beneath while others feature drawers. One of our more popular coffee tables is the Gordon, with a sleek, modern design in glass and a curved, frosted glass shelf beneath – perfect for displaying glossy magazines. Then again a cushioned leather ottoman, such as the Ekornes storage ottoman, functions perfectly well as a coffee table/footrest/bench/storage space – serving quadruple duty in minimal space!

If you have kids at home, you’ll want a coffee table that can stand up to feet, fingerprints and frolicking. In that case, the Trevor coffee table, constructed of dark walnut with a recycled concrete top, is perfect because it’s nearly indestructible! The Nancy double bench table, made of stainless steel, is also a great choice for a contemporary home that requires durable furnishings.

What’s Your Living Room Style?

Sometimes it’s better to choose a coffee table that doesn’t stand out, detracting from other focal points in the room such as a large sofa, a piece of art or a bright color scheme. In that case, the clear choice is glass or Lucite. It doesn’t merely have to be a clear square on legs, however. We carry many shapely and freeform designs that look elegant in any contemporary home, adding beauty without overwhelming the space.

This year organic style is hot! To add just a touch of nature to your living room, a coffee table hewn from a huge fallen tree, such as the Force, is perfect. Each one is unique and creates a topic of conversation naturally. Our popular Vetro coffee table, constructed of sustainable bamboo in a stylized square shape, is another excellent choice.

In a formal living room, an elegant table such as the Loops perfectly complements tailored furnishings and provides the ideal spot for cocktail glasses or teacups. With its glass top astride four chrome circles, it easily bridges the gap between traditional and modern. The Bruno is another glass coffee table at home in a formal living room. It features an acrylic and stainless steel base of timeless, yet unique, design.

You don’t have to settle for just one table in your living room. Particularly in great rooms with a large, open space, you might want to opt for a grouping of tables – or a table that forms a group, such as the Zephyr cocktail table with four rotating glass tops. Our Tribute collection is made to mix and match, with small tables of varying sizes and heights that work well in a single group or scattered around the room.

No matter how you use your living room or what style you prefer, there’s a coffee table in one of our showrooms just waiting for you to take it home!

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