Interior Design Tips: Working with Patterns

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Many homeowners shy away from using furnishings with a distinct pattern. Usually, the reason is just that they either don’t know how to pick a pattern they can live with for a long time, or they don’t want a few furnishings to overwhelm the room. But, used in the proper way, patterns can make a big and beautiful impact.

Patterned Accent Pieces

The easiest way to get started with patterns is by incorporating a smaller, accent piece in your room. Things like benches, ottomans and chairs are all smaller furnishings perfectly poised to bring a big impact with embellished design. Patterned accessories, like rugs, vases and lamps, are even easier to add to a room, and easy to replace when your taste or style changes.

Remember, patterns don’t necessarily need to be in upholstery; they can just as easily be part of a wood piece, a door or wall.

Start small and add a few furnishings with subtle or bold designs. When you include only a piece or two in a room, you can opt for a bold pattern of complementary colors; black and white works particularly well in nearly any setting. For smaller, busy patterns, stick to hues that match other design elements of the room. By using the same colors and scale, it’s not difficult to mix and match patterns.

Types of Patterns

One of the more popular patterns for the home is an animal print. This type of design is still going strong, which is perfectly exemplified by these new chrome chairs upholstered in zebra fabric as well as this classy, black lacquered lounge chair.

In a contemporary home, there’s no need to shy away from floral designs. This Calvin Klein area rug is a good example. This Tristan accent chair also incorporates a subtle floral pattern that is perfect in a modern home.

Of course, in a contemporary setting, circular and geometric designs are always popular. The Tristan armchair looks striking in a modern living room, as does the Uno round ottoman. This floral-inspired Flux swivel chair just looks cool, period, as do these geometric Hugo swivel chairs.

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