How to Use Color to Make Your Work Space More Productive

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Is it time that you renovated your work space? Perhaps the décor is ripe for an upgrade or maybe you just need a change of surroundings to stimulate new ideas. Before you start making plans for your office renovation, think about the various ways that color affects productivity.

Ways Color Affects Your Behavior

It’s a well-known fact that the way we act, think, behave and feel are affected by the colors that surround us. The science behind this principle relies on wavelengths; the varying wavelengths of colors all strike the eye differently and become electrical impulses that travel to the brain and affect behavior.

The biggest determinant is the intensity of the color; bold and bright tends to stimulate while pale and light provides a soothing effect. So a single color can do both; school bus yellow can spark activity while a pale lemon calms.

Effects of Certain Colors

But the colors themselves, in any intensity, also produce certain behaviors. For instance, the four primary colors of red, blue, green and yellow affect the body, mind, emotions and mind-body balance, respectively. Combining two of the colors also combines their effects, so a purple shade would influence both mind and body. You never want a single color in an office, either. Adding shades to a primary color helps balance out the type of behavior and emotions you want to evoke.

Most designers agree that blue is a color that stimulates the most productivity – at least mental productivity. Remember the importance of saturation? If you want your work space to promote thought processes, opt for a bold, bright hue rather than a baby blue.

Red is an excellent color for stimulating physical activity – good for those who work in the trades.

Yellow is a good choice for those who need creativity to do their job. It promotes optimism, brightens the spirit and stimulates the ego. In order to be consistently creative, you often need to go out on a limb and that’s what yellow helps you do.

Because of its ability to balance the mind and body, green is also a great color for any type of work, but especially jobs related to finance. Green calms and reassures, although it could cause discord in someone who thrives on taking action.

Remember that you don’t want to stick with a single shade. So, if you decide blue is your choice for a main hue, add in a second color liberally. Along with that blue color, add an orange tone because it brings balance to the mind-body equation. Last year’s hot color, deep salmon, for accessories would work really well with a bright blue while creating a pleasing combination. Adding in this year’s popular color, gray, is an excellent choice for furniture. This not only increases thinking ability (since it’s a relative of blue), but it modernizes your office and brings a sense of prosperity.

And don’t forget to choose colors that you love. No matter how much you feel that mid-range green would be beneficial for your business, if it reminds you of an institution then it’s not right for your office.

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