How to Choose the Perfect Contemporary Sofa

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All sofas are NOT created equal. There are a vast number of differences in design, quality, materials, upholstery and style. Even when just considering contemporary sofas, there are many factors involved in finding the one that is perfect for your space. Here is our guide to make the selection process easier.

Contemporary Sofa Style and Design

Let’s start by considering how and where you are going to use your sofa(s). How much use it will get and who will be using it, make a difference when selecting upholstery fabric, design and frame. For instance, a sofa to be used in a formal, contemporary living space where only adults reside is perfectly fine in a light color and perched on spindly legs. But if you have growing kids and need something that will hold up to their abuse, you should look for easy-to-clean materials and a sturdier construction.

Start by asking yourself a series of questions:

  • What room is the sofa going to be used in?
  • Who will be sitting on it?
  • What is the purpose (to watch TV, movies in a home theatre, guest seating in a formal living room)?
  • What is the décor in the room (casual, formal, glamorous, kid-friendly)?
  • How big is the comfort factor?
  • How would you describe your sense of style (eclectic, mid-century modern, contemporary, minimalistic)?
  • How long do you plan on keeping the sofa?
  • How much seating do you need (a group of sofas/chairs or a sectional)?

Once you really drill down on the uses and purposes for which you are buying a sofa, it helps narrow the options so you can select from styles that fit your specific needs.

Elements of a Quality Sofa

Now let’s consider the various elements of every sofa.

Perhaps the main feature, in terms of construction quality, is the frame. For a durable, high quality sofa, look for frames made from hardwood. Plywood and particle board are cheaper alternatives and won’t last nearly as long. The springs bearing the foundation beneath the cushions should be eight-way hand-tied springs to more evenly distribute weight and prevent drooping.

Next are the cushions. There are many types of materials used to stuff sofa cushions but the most resilient and comfortable are foam-wrapped with a bit of down for fluffiness. Cushions made of 100 percent down filler might sound like the higher quality choice, but they require much more maintenance because they need to be fluffed every time they are used.

Finally, the upholstery material is a major consideration. Natural fabrics are always an excellent choice; leather is a perennial favorite but linen and textured blends also go well with today’s organic design trend. Although we carry a wide spectrum of colors and patterns, think about the longevity of your sofa. While you may love that bright purple hue right now, when you wish to change the décor in your living room, it will be difficult to work around this large piece. If you don’t want to replace your sofa in a few years, opt for a neutral color, something you can live with for the long term.

At Lawrance, we specialize in matching every customer with the perfect contemporary sofa. Come in and let us help you find a match made in heaven!

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