Getting your Dining Room Ready for the Holidays

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It’s just about here again – the holiday season! Yes, it does seem to be coming up quicker and quicker each year. And yes, it’s time to start thinking about how you are going to accommodate extra guests around the dining table. It can be easier than you think; simply take our advice and your dining room will be ready to welcome hordes of hungry friends and family in no time!

Organization is Key

Everything goes better when you’ve got a plan in place. Of course, it’s difficult to account for last-minute changes, but knowing how many guests you plan on inviting helps immensely. It’s never too early to plan your menu, either, so you can take steps to accommodate any special dietary or other needs, such as wheelchairs or highchairs. Now is a good time to decide if you want the holiday dinner or party to be a potluck affair, a catered event or whether you’ll take the opportunity to showcase your own culinary skills.

While you’re planning the menu is a good time to think about logistics. How early do you want your guests to arrive? What will you provide to keep them occupied before the big meal? Will you be using both outdoor and indoor spaces? Do you have adequate seating in the living room or great room? How about your dining room? Will your table accommodate all the diners? Who’s going to sit where? Do you have enough china and linens?

Functional Furnishings

Let’s start with the obvious – is your dining table big enough to handle all the guests who will be dining at your home over the holidays? If not, now is the time to invest in a new dining table. It doesn’t have to be overly large; today’s extension tables easily transform from cozy arrangements to enough seating for a dozen or more guests – without any obvious breaks! Take a look at our Audrey extension dining table for an example of a beautiful wood model that looks great with any style décor.  There are even glass tables that extend such as the very contemporary Quito with black base.

Then again, depending on the space available, it might work better to incorporate two sets of dining tables and chairs. A square dining table, such as this marble-topped version which seats eight, can be paired up to slip into a long room and easily provide seating for sixteen guests. 

Some of you may already have a table of adequate length, but do you have enough chairs? This may be the perfect time to augment your stock or start over with a completely new set of matched chairs. All of our chairs are sold separately, making it easy for you to mix and match at will.

If you don’t already have a buffet, there is no time like the present to add one to your dining area. A buffet works wonderfully not only for buffet-style dining, but as a place to stow beverages, desserts or extra serving dishes. Our buffets and sideboards aren’t like your grandma’s; they’re sleek and sophisticated and works of art in themselves, such as this gorgeous Gallante buffet.

Whether you are ready or not, the holidays are right around the corner. We can order the dining set of your dreams as well as new outdoor furniture and even a pool table that doubles as a dining table! Let our designers help you select the right pieces to make all your holiday functions both comfortable and elegant by stopping into either of our showrooms today.

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