What Furnishings Should You Replace When You Want a New Look?

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As time goes by and our circumstances change, often so do our tastes in interior design. It could be that a traditional setting was once what you craved but now you’d like to simplify things and opt for a modern style. By the way, that’s quite common – especially in the last several years when the economy took a downturn and many of us downsized. But rather than getting rid of everything in your home all at once, there’s an easier way to make a gradual transition to a new, contemporary style. Here’s how to proceed.

Start with Big Pieces

When you enter a room, your eyes are naturally drawn to the largest piece of furniture. It makes sense, then to begin transitioning the style of a room by replacing the biggest furnishings. In a living room, that’s usually the sofa. In a bedroom, it’s the bed. In a dining room, it’s the table and chairs. Once those big pieces have been replaced with ones of contemporary style, it’s much easier to go after the smaller furnishings (tables, lamps, chairs, accessories, art) and eventually end up with a completely new room.

If you need your new acquisition to look good in a traditional setting until the transformation is complete, opt for a sofa such as the Luxe sofa or Parker sofa, either of which blends nicely with traditional design. In the bedroom, a wooden bed such as the Milestone storage bed is an excellent choice because it would look quite handsome in any setting. For a dining set that says “modern” but pairs well with traditional, choose a top made of wood with a contemporary finish such as wenge or marble.

Replace Key Pieces Next

The next items to focus on are “key pieces”, or those that are multifunctional and easily transform the more focused look of a room. Long console tables, sculptural end or cocktail tables, entertainment centers, armoires and buffets are examples of key pieces that don’t necessarily take up a lot of space but can easily replace two or more other pieces– and even be moved from room to room as needed.

Need some ideas? How about this Henry console table that would look great in a living room, dining room, hallway or even a bedroom. The design says “contemporary” while offering lots of functional storage space for any number of items, from DVDs to dishes. Or how about the Loren buffet? Equally at home in a dining room, living room or bedroom, it provides space for displaying treasured items on the clean glass top and necessities that aren’t quite display-worthy in the drawers below.

Artwork and Accessories

The fun really begins when you start incorporating the accessories that exemplify your fresh contemporary style. A new painting, rug, lamp or sculpture finishes off your room beautifully – and these are easy items to pick up here and there while working on the overall style of your home. The only rule of thumb? If you see something that catches your eye and you fall in love with it, buy it. You’ll know when the time is right to incorporate it in your room. In the meantime, simple accessories such as a group of black-and-white photographs in plain frames, a simple vase with a few stems of fresh flowers or a stack of books on contemporary artists help create a modern feel in a traditional room. Keep the clutter in check, but do place a few strategic pieces of art here and there to augment a modern ambience. How about starting with this stunning Sakura mirror placed in the foyer, hallway or bedroom?

It’s not as difficult as you might think to take your home from traditional to contemporary. Start big, then work your way down to the smallest items. We invite you to visit either of our showrooms for help getting started with new furnishings you are sure to love for years to come.

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