How to Combine Antique and Contemporary Styles in Your Home

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While we believe that anyone can come into our showrooms and find furnishings they love, most of our customers would be considered those with a “contemporary” sense of style. That doesn’t mean, however, that they must limit themselves to strictly modern furnishings. In fact, combining a few vintage or antique pieces with contemporary furniture and art is a very creative way to express your unique personality in the home or office. Let us help you do it right with these ideas.

Antique Accessories

Perhaps the easiest way to incorporate old with new is to rely on a few select accessories placed around a room filled with contemporary furniture. For instance, an antique painting can easily become the main focal point of any room, but especially so when it hangs above an Odette glass console table, with its gorgeous crystal ball accents. Your great grandmother’s silver tea tray is a wonderful place to display a collection of green kelp and her handcrafted throw looks right at home draped across a Lift ottoman.

Architectural Details

Sometimes it is easier to take a cue from your surroundings when designing a home or office. If the building itself is old, it often features architectural details such as hardwood floors, wainscoting or paneled ceilings. Let these existing classic details be your guide. Why not do something unexpected such as adding a Shine round dining table to a corner of your country kitchen? It’s a practical addition that makes your space more personal and shows off your creative flair!

Wooden floors are a great setting for a bold area rug with a vibrant, modern pattern and the perfect foil for a contemporary Parsons table. Rough-hewn beams bracing a vaulted ceiling in a seaside cottage can be beautifully dressed with a glass and metallic light fixture like a UFO lamp while a low sofa such as the Linden sectional emphasizes the room’s height.

Start With White

A very effective backdrop for your combination of Aunt Sophie’s heirloom buffet and the Nebula dining table with its burnished metal finish is a slate of white. Walls of any shade of white – cream or silver, lightest taupe or a pink-tinged bone – help you pull together the look of old and new by providing the ideal setting for rich wood tones and bright colors. Shades of white effortlessly bridge the gap between a select few antique pieces amidst a wide array of contemporary furniture.

The Wonders of New Upholstery

Here’s another trick for adding a vintage piece to a bedroom, living room, study or office: add new pizzazz with updated upholstery. A traditional arm chair can easily be transformed into a piece right at home with contemporary furnishings simply by adding a zebra print or a wide striped silk. Try pairing a collection of different vintage chairs with a perfectly modern dining table such as the Omni, with its marble base and glass top. The key to making it work is opting for the same – or similar – upholstery on all the chairs and keeping it fresh with a contemporary fabric design.

When combining old and new, the most important thing is to use pieces you love. Heirlooms and flea market finds can easily find a place in your contemporary home or office as long as you let your own taste be your guide.

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