Clei Wall Beds are Perfect for Students

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Do you have a student at home – or one who is going to away to college in the next month or so? You can ensure they have everything they need, in addition to the study tools, food, clothing and other necessities – by incorporating an ingeniously designed Clei wall bed system in their bedroom or dorm room.

Clei = Ingenious Design

Clei is an Italian furniture manufacturer who has taken ingenious design to a whole new level. They produce more than just wall beds; each piece of furniture is actually a modular unit that performs two or more functions in a room of limited space – no matter how small. You’ve never seen such a brilliant transformation until you’ve witnessed a Clei modular system turning from a dining table into a bed or an entire media/entertainment center into a comfortable sleeping platform with only a single touch.

But you get more than just unique design and ultimate functionality when you choose Clei. These furnishings aren’t found just anywhere; in the San Diego area, we are the exclusive distributor. Nor will you have to worry about replacing them anytime soon. The quality that goes into the manufacture of these pieces is exceptional, with superior technology that makes it a cinch to transform them in seconds and sturdy construction made to last.

The Possibilities are Nearly Limitless

What type of space-saving solution do you need? No matter the purpose or function, Clei provides a modular system perfect for a teen’s or young college student’s room.

Imagine how much more functional your student’s room would be if only the desk turned into a bunk bed to accommodate guests or the main bed could slide to the side with a single touch. Maybe it’s more important to provide a dining table during the day that folds away to reveal a bed at night or perhaps a seating area that easily turns into sleeping space. A Clei wall bed can do all this and so much more!

Don’t worry about whether the pieces will fit your child’s taste. They are designed in a contemporary manner, with clean lines and lots of vibrant, bright color choices that fit perfectly in any modern environment.

You simply can’t go wrong when choosing a Clei wall bed to furnish your student’s room. By providing room to study, entertain and perform the essential basics of everyday life, a single Clei modular unit is the solution to nearly any space problem. Shop online now to see what’s available for your teen’s room.

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