Changing Your Décor When Your Tastes Change

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As the New Year approaches, many of us are ready to get rid of the old and bring in the new. It’s time to put away those holiday decorations for another year and go back to simplifying our interior design schemes. This also makes it the perfect time to redo the look in your home or office so that it better represents your current sense of style. Use these tips to create a space that reflects the new you!

Corral Your Collections

Many of us begin collecting a certain type of item simply because we expressed an interest long ago – or received a gift of one piece that became the basis for creating a whole collection of like objects. But it could be that you are no longer keen on kitsch from the 60s. Or maybe you’re not so bowled over by birds or mad about milk cans anymore. You don’t need to keep all those objects! Pick out a few special or particularly valuable pieces to save and get rid of the rest.

Can’t bear to part with too many? Displaying them in a handsome, contemporary curio cabinet such as these might be just enough of a change to make you love them again.

Reuse or Replace?

How about furniture? If you are itching to make the transition from one style to the next, you don’t have to replace everything at once. Start with the larger pieces in the room, such as the sofa, bed or dining table for the biggest impact in the short run. Imagine this classic Braxton leather sofa with Western-style pillows and a suede throw over one arm or tossed with boldly patterned pillows and flanked by chrome lamps or even placed atop an area rug with a modern geometric pattern. The timeless design means it works equally well with traditional, eclectic or contemporary styles.

Smaller pieces that are less of a focal point in the room can often be repurposed until it’s time to replace them. For instance, you can easily change out wood shelves or table tops for glass, toss a throw of modern design over the back of an armchair or take an end table you are no longer in love with and use it as a nightstand in the guest bedroom.

Color Change

Often, changing the colors in a room can make it look completely new and fresh. Outside of painting the walls, adding a light-colored or white rug instantly evokes a more modern style. Neutral hues such as browns, whites and grays for large pieces are not only easy to work with, they tend to look great with any style. As your tastes change again – or as the seasons change – it’s a simple matter to replace accessories such as pillows, rugs and artwork with an updated color scheme.

The only constant in life is change. You can’t expect that your tastes will always be the same or that your situation and surroundings will never vary. Variety is the spice of life and there’s no reason you can’t update your home or office whenever you have the desire to do so!

Having a hard time visualizing changes in your space? Simply visit either our San Diego or Encintas showroom and enlist the help of any of our designers to help you change things up with exciting new style!

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