50 Shades of Gray In Your Home

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Have you heard? The hottest color for the remainder of 2013 (which has really been around for several years) is gray. Now, before you dismiss the color as a boring neutral, take into consideration the 50 or so shades of gray that can be used in various ways throughout your home to give it a modern lift. Here’s our advice for choosing one or two or several shades of gray and incorporating them into the interior design of your home.

What Tones of Gray are Best For Your Space?

All kidding aside, there really are many variants of the shade. Gray can be cool and modern (think platinum or blue-toned shades) or warm and cozy (cashmere or a hue leaning toward taupe). It’s particularly dramatic to paint the walls, trim and ceiling all in the same shade of warm-toned gray, providing a contemporary, cohesive canvas for your furnishings.

If you aren’t quite ready to paint all the walls of your room gray, try sneaking in a few accessories or design accents in silver or pewter. Plastering the bottom half of your room’s walls with a silvery patterned wallpaper is also a good way to incorporate this year’s hottest neutral.

Here on the California coast, gray lends itself naturally to hues found in nature: aqua, teal, sky blue, sea green. A purple- or khaki-toned gray is perfect for pairing with any of these beach-y colors.

More Tips for Using Gray at Home or in the Office

Gray can be a very cozy, calm color to use on the walls of a bedroom and pairs nicely with a taupe carpet for the ultimate in neutrality. In a living room or dining area, a gray-washed wood floor is right at home in the San Diego area, particularly if these rooms feature an expansive ocean view. Don’t forget the kitchen, where pale, gray-rubbed wood cabinets pair perfectly with modern appliances.

This year interior design is returning to its natural state. There’s a resurgence of lighter wood finishes and furnishings made with recycled materials or those things found naturally in the area. That doesn’t mean you need to commission a local beachcomber to make a coffee table out of driftwood. But do look for furniture made from woods and metals that still resemble their natural state for an updated, contemporary décor that looks absolutely beautiful next to a warm gray.

If you prefer warm tones in your home or office, there’s no reason they can’t live in the same room with real metallic silver, champagne or pewter accents. Light fixtures, window coverings, artwork – all of it can incorporate a bit of gray (and these items are easier to change when you become tired of the color). Because it’s so neutral, it goes well with persimmon, rust, mustard yellow, salmon and even last year’s favorite shade, tangerine.

When it comes to one of the hottest design trends of 2013, gray – all 50 shades of it! – is a wonderful color to bring a contemporary lift to any room.

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