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The natural

texture of raw

wood creates

interest and





and Warm

Find the perfect mix of

modern and inviting style


This sitting area

brings together an

eclectic mix of styles.


Unique, personal

accents have been

deployed to great

effect here.



furniture is accented

by texture galore,

making this room feel

human and lived-in.


reaking with tradition is

exhilarating, but sometimes

cutting edge design feels a

little cold and impersonal. There

are ways to ease into contemporary

design, incorporating some of its

sleek materials, glossy finishes, and

minimalist approach while still

retaining the warmth of traditionalism

you crave. Here’s how to indulge your

love of contemporary style without

sacrificing the warmth and comfort

that makes a house a home.

Play with texture

If a room has a lot of neutral colors or

too many similar surfaces, use textured

furnishings and accents to create visual

interest and a lived-in feel. Think tufted

sofas, long pile or heavily patterned

rugs, faux fur throws, raw wood

surfaces, and jute or other natural fiber

floor coverings.


Build every room around a focal point,

whether it’s a large work of art or a

televison. This prevents the viewer’s

attention from becoming diffused,

which can make them feel uneasy.

Very large rooms can have more than

one focal point.

Mix periods and styles

Don’t feel that your selection of

furnishings and accessories has to

be constrained to the 21st century.

Sometimes, an older piece you truly

love can provide exactly the unique

touch a room needs, and the contrast

— as opposed to clash — of old and

new can be truly refreshing. Consider

reupholstering familiar chairs in a more

contemporary fabric if they really seem

out of place — a simple change of color or

pattern can have a revolutionary effect.

Allow yourself a little clutter

You’ve successfully decluttered, but now

the room looks bare and impersonal.

Create displays or clusters of those

idiosyncratic items that are so you

— keeping them contained rather

than scattering them around is a great

compromise that’s far easier to live with.

When designing a space, be honest

with yourself about how it makes

you feel. Lawrance interior designers

will help you balance contemporary

furnishings with more traditional

design elements if the overall effect isn’t

working for you — after all, the most

carefully curated space in the world is

only doing its job if it makes you happy!

Helpful Tips

1. Tangible results

Use textured furnishings

and accents to create

visual interest.

2. Zone of influence

Add a large bookcase

to define zones and

personalize the room.

3. Into focus

Build every room

around a focal point,

whether it's a TV or

a large work of art.